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Our wide range of products includes CCTV cameras for home and commercial users. Our Revlight Security Cameras possess features such as HD video clarity and zooming capacity. Here are the product categories for our security system.


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    The CCTV Pro Cameras Video Quality

    CCTV Pro is a brand which is the best and most efficient for recording great pictures in any condition whatsoever. The main philosophy of the company is to provide the best quality with optimum satisfaction of customers; this makes it stand out as one of the best companies. These CCTV cameras employ the use of the latest technology in their IP CCTV Cameras which makes it the best in the industry. Below are some of the few original videos taken from the CCTV Pro surveillance cameras (best cctv cameras).


    H.264 VS H.265+

    Storage Comparison in 8 Scenes


    Scenes H.265+ (Day) H.264 (Day) Stream Saved
    Road Street 5.19G 40.01G 87.03%
    R/D Team 5.33G 40.01G 86.68%
    Service Team 4.14G 40G 89.65%
    General Manager Office 3.98G 39.8G 90.05%
    Reception 3.44G 40G 91.40%
    Marketing Office 2.84G 39.49G 92.91%
    Parking Lot 2.52G 40.06G 93.71%
    Meeting Room 3.16G 40G 92.10%
    Average 3.85G/Day 39.92G/Day 90.44%
    Recording a Month 115.5G 1198G Almost 90%

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